What’s wrong with my downpipe?

I have seen plenty of plugged up downpipes and elbows over the years. But this one takes the cake!

Went to see a customer last week, and he was wondering why his downpipe was not working properly. This was a 2×3 galvanized overhang also known as a gooseneck. It comes down from your gutters along the wall where the downpipe goes into. I was told this overhang was at least 15 years old, and that he had problems with it for the last 10 years!

Well, as you can see from the picture below there is actually a tree growing out of it! That will do it everytime!

This has caused him years of damage to his foundation, which had to be recoded,  and his deck which had replaced. This was a costly project. After 10 years of having water overflowing is gutters,  it put him back thousands of dollars before he even got around to installing new gutters. I cannot stress enough that regular maintenance to your eaves and gutters will save you thousands of dollars in the long run. And this is the proof. We installed new 5 “gutters all around, and a 3 x 3 downpipe to eliminate this problem once and for all. I have since been told that everything is ok and functioning well. Another happy True North Eavestroughing customer!

Here is the elbow with a tree growing out of it!

Moral of the story – don’t wait till there is a problem before replacing it, because, as you see, it can become a serious problem down the road.

At True North, quality is our priority!

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