Markham Downspout Disconnection Program - The Zip Hinge Solution

Markham Downspout Disconnection

The Markham Downspout Disconnection Program is currently underway. Right now, July 2018, they are focusing on the Markham Village Area.

The objective of the program is to address downspouts draining into the sewer system. These downspout connections are one of the main causes of basement floodings during major storms and can also become environmental concerns. And, as in a lot of municipalities in Ontario right now, these is causing a number of concerns with homeowners.

Solutions range from installing downspout elbows, downspout extensions, plastic or concrete splash blocks and capping your existing downspout before it goes underground. This is causing a lot of stress and maintenance issues with a lot of homeowners. This is not a major engineering issue!

Some of these solutions are quite simple, but keep in mind the following:

  • Be sure that the slope of the ground allows for water to flow away from all structures.
  • Direct the storm water to a storage device, such as a rain barrel, or into your lawn or garden.

It is recommended that disconnected downspouts be extended to discharge water at least one meter from any structure’s foundation (including your neighbour’s) or public sidewalk and 2.5 meters from retaining walls.

The best solution for the Downspout Disconnection Program - The Zip Hinge

Without a doubt, the Zip Hinge is a great solution.
It’s easy to install. Fits any downspout. Zip On, Flip Up!

The Zip Hinge serves two main purposes:

It ensures that the downspout extension remains firmly attached to the downspout to protect your home’s foundation, and provides convenience for moving and working around the downspout extension while mowing your grass, using your driveway or landscaping.

We have installed thousands of Zip Hinges and homeowners just love them! You can read more about the Zip Hinge here.

Here is a video that explains why the Zip Hinge is a great solution for the Downspout Disconnect Program.

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