Gutter and Eavestroughing Installations in Scarborough

This customer in Scarbough called me and asked me to come out and look at his downpipe. He had hired a “young man” to fix his downpipe, but said that it was still leaking. So off I went. And this is what I found! In our industry, downpipes come in 2 cartegories: A’s and B’s. A’s are away from the wall, and B’s are beside the wall. Unfortunately whoever installed this one never heard of B’s, beside the wall. All he used were elbows, and that’s why you get the mess! 2” x 3” downpipes were outdatd 10 years ago, but some people still insist on using them. 3” x 3” downpipes are the standard now, and are the majority of our eavestroughing installations. To see more about this topic, you can view our videos: “What do you recommend 5” or 6” gutters?” and “What size of downpipe do you recommend?” on our FAQs page. At True North Eavestroughing, quality is always our priority.