New Downpipe Installation in Oakville

This was one of these jobs where doing a little bit, did a big change for these homeowners.

They were having a water flow problem with their home. Turns out they only had one downpipe at the rear of the house! How many times have we seen that. I keep telling our customers that you should have one downpipe for every 50 feet of gutters. It’s no wonder water was flowing over their gutters and flooding that area of their back yard.

So we quickly installed a couple of extra downpipes on each side of the house. And we also installed some Zip Hinges to help move the downpipes out of the way when they were cutting the grass and gardening. They just loved them!

At True North Eavestroughing, quality is our priority.

Gutters Eavestroughs Downpipe Installation Oakville