Gutters and Eavestroughs Installation in Newmarket

This home in Newmarket had a lot of things right: 5 inch gutters with leaf guards, and 3” x 3” downpipes. But the mistake they made was not using a level when they installed the eavestroughing.

When I arrived at the home to quote it, I asked the owner if he had a garden hose. I got on a ladder and put the hose in the gutter, and  couldn’t believe what I saw. Water in a gutter is supposed to run towards the downpipe, but in this little 20 foot run, the water was running the opposite direction! And the corners on the gutters were put together with crazy glue!

When I told him that we’d have to replace it all, that it couldn’t be repaired, he knew right away that he had hired the wrong company to install them in the first place.

Gutters and Evestroughs Installation Newmarket

Lesson learned: do not hire an eavestroughing company based on price alone. You only get what you pay for!

That’s we have put together a report to help home owners choose the right eavestroughing company. It’s called: “9 Things you need to know before hiring an eavestroughing company.” You can download it right off our home page.

At True North Eavestroughing, quality is our priority.

Gutters and Eavestroughs Installation Stouffville


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