Our products

Seemless Aluminum Eavestroughing

This is our specialty. Let True North’s professional crew visit your home with their specialized equipment to fabricate eavestroughs or gutters, that are the entire length of your home – thereby eliminating seams and any potential for leaks. For more info on installing seamless aluminum eavestroughing, click here.

Alu-Rex Leaf Guard Systems

If your home has trees on or around your property, you know how  many times you must clean your gutters to keep them functioning properly. True North has experience with a variety of different products and can recommend a leaf guard system that will give you performance and value for years to come. For more info on our leaf guard systems, click here.

Soffit and Fascia

Besides gutters and downpipes, we also install soffit and fascia for a lot of our customers. In a lot of cases, it makes a lot of sense to get it done at the same time, since we are already working on their home. For more info on Soffit and Fascia installation eavestroughing, click here.
Soffit Fascia Info Graphic True North

Cast Aluminum Downpipe Bracket

True North now manufactures its own cast aluminum downpipe bracket. It not only looks great but it’s also very strong. It has that old world look of cast iron, and looks great on the downspout attached to a wall. For more info on our cast aluminum downpipe bracket click here.
New Cast Aluminum Downpipe Bracket

Zip Hinge

True North has been installing the Zip Hinge for the majority of our clients’ jobs, and they love it! It’s also a great solution to the mandatory downspout disconnection programs that more municipalities are enforcing. For more info about the Zip Hinge, click here.

Downpipe Diverter

A Downpipe Diverter is a great way to divert and harvest rainwater for water a flower bed or a garden. And attaching it to a gutter extension is perfect to get the water flowing away from your home. For more info on our Downpipe Diverters, click here.
Gutters Eavestroughs Installation Thornhill

Metal Roof

There is no better way to improve your home than installing a metal roof. True North has been installing metal roofing in Durham Region for a number of years now, and our customers are extremely happy about their decisions. A metal roof is low-maintenance, strong and durable. For more info on installing a metal roof in Durham Region, click here.
Metal Roof Installation

Copper Systems

If you are looking to give your home renovation a touch that will give you a true vintage look, there is no better way than installing copper eavestroughing and downpipes. For more info on installing a copper eavestrough system in Durham Region, click here.


Our hand-crafted finials are designed to fit your needs. A custom finial is the crowning touch to your home or commercial building. For more info on our hand-crafted finials, click here.

Weather Vanes

As you know, Quality is our #1 Priority, so we partnered with the best for our weather vanes. We are proud to be a certified dealer for “Good Directions” – a company known for the best and most reputable products in the industry. For more info on our weather vanes, click here.

Markham Downspout Disconnection Program Solution

Markham is the latest municipality to enforce a downspout disconnection program. The purpose of the program is to remove downspouts from draining into the sewer system. And the best solution is to use a Zip Hinge. For more info on our solution to the Markham Downspout Disconnection Program, click here.
Markham Downspout Disconnection