Gutters and Eavestroughs Installation in Bowmanville

Here we go again!

Another home in Bowmanville with downpipes that are 2” x 3”, which are quite undersized for a home of this size. If you’re going to do a downpipe, then do it properly!

In the photo on the right, you can see that they used roofing nails to go into the brick wall. It didn’t take much for this downpipe to come off. The home is only 5 years old, and I’m surprised it lasted this long.

And once the downpipe is on, and the strap has been connected with a 5/8” screw,

Here, you can see that we use a full strap with a lead drive to fully secure it to the wall.

We then proceed to attach the fancy strap that you see here. This way, you do not see the fasteners on the strap. This is purely for decorative purposes, as the strength in the strap that is covered. To see one of our installations, you can watch this video At True North Eavestroughing, quality is always our priority.
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