Gutters and Eavestroughing Installations in Whitby

These homeowners in Whitby have a story we can all learn from.
They had problems with water leaking into their basement. After several thousands of dollars spent on improvements – roof and chimney – and several hundred dollars spent with so-called ”inspectors”,  it was now time to upgrade  the gutters, so they finally called me. After hearing their story, I asked them a few questions and found out that the downpipes were located in the rear of the home, next to the deck, not anywhere near the leaks. My first thought was that when they built the deck, they put the legs all the way through. Yes it happens! So I asked them for a coat hanger, and started my investigation. And wouldn’t you know it, I found leaks at the bottom of their sliding doors – right in the corners where the caulking had let go, but appeared to be OK. Underneath the caulking the wood was rotten, just like the bottom of their sliding doors. When I pushed the coat hanger through the rotten wood, you could see right into their basement where the water was coming in. Needless to say, they were shocked! We installed the new eavestroughing around their home, but the main problem was a bad sliding door, and bad advice. I don’t know everything, but after 30 years in the business, I’d like to think I’ve seen it all, but I haven’t! To learn more about True North Eavestroughing, have a look at the video on our home page – At True North Eavestroughing, quality is our priority.
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