Gutters and Eavestroughing Installations in Pickering

This home in Pickering is actually quite new. Unfortunately it had what I would call the new builder problem. I do not like to knock my fellow builders but in this case, their house was only 5 years old and they needed to replace the gutters. They used spikes to install the eavestroughing on this home. This day and age there is no reason to be using spikes on homes. There a screw brackets out on the market now which will do a great job. We use them exclusively on all our eavestroughing installations. On this particular home we also installed the Alu-Rex leaf guard system. The homeowner is thrilled. They told me that if the builder would’ve let them know that they could’ve maybe upgraded to the screw brackets, they would have went for it. New homebuyers beware – always ask the questions, before your money goes in! You can find a great picture of the screw brackets I am talking about, in a post I did on my blog. At True North Eavestroughing, quality is our priority.
Gutter Eavestrough Installation Pickering