Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve never had to deal with installing new gutters for your home or business, you probably have a lot of questions. This is where we’ll do our best to answer them for you.

If you have any questions, just let us know by filing out our contact form. We’ll get back to you ASAP.

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After being in business for almost 30 years, we've heard all the questions!
Here are the ones that we are asked most often.

What is your warranty for gutter installations?

Our work comes with a 2 year labour and a 25 year material warranty. Please be wary of companies that offer longer warranties on labour, as they most likely will not be in business to honour that warranty.


What do you recommend: 5" or 6" gutters?

We now recommend getting 5 inch gutters for homes or residential installations. For a commercial building or a barn, we usually go with 6 inch eavestroughing.

How many downpipes should I have?

Your should at least have 1 downpipe for every 50 feet of gutters.

What size of downpipe do you recommend?

We usually install 3″ x 3″ downpipes for most homes. A larger home could go with an “XL” or 3″ x 4″ downpipe.

Can I move a downpipe?

You should only move a downpipe if the existing gutters can be re-graded. This will affect the flow of the water in the trough.

Why do I have water behind my gutters?

The two main reasons for water behind your gutters:
1- Your gutters are clogged and need to be cleaned;
2- The shingles on your roof are too short.

Are you insured?

Our team prides’ itself on its’ experience and professionalism. We are fully covered by WSIB Insurance. All our certificates are included with each quotation.


Do I need to clean my gutters?

Yes, you should get your gutters cleaned at least once a year. In some areas, with lots of trees for example, you might want to get it done twice. Or get Alu-Rex installed on your gutters to prevent any further clogging with your gutters.

Do you sub-contract your work?

NO! We do not subcontract any of our work. This allows us to control the quality and professionalism of all our installations.

Do different colours cost more money?

No, choosing a colour to match your home does not cost additional money. You can see our colour selection here.

Do you work year-round?

Yes we work year round. However, it depends on the weather conditions. It usually slows down in the winter because of snow and ice, but we’ll work according to the weather conditions.

I need a new roof. Which should I get done first? Roof or gutters?

We recommend getting the roof done first, with a professional roofing company, then get the eavetroughs or gutters installed by a professional company like True North Eavestroughing.

Do you clean up and take away the old gutters when you do an eavestrough installation?

Yes, we do a complete clean-up. We treat your home as if it was ours.

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