Weather Vanes

True North is a certified dealer of weather vanes and finials from “Good Directions“, an american company that has an excellent reputation for the best and most beautiful products in the industry. Good Directions invests a great deal of time in researching designs and working with artists. Something we truly appreciate.

They began with a line of weathervanes and cupolas, becoming the first in their industry to implement wide-scale production and design. Sticklers for quality and customer service, Good Directions sought out the finest artists and artisans to create products that were not only functional but beautiful, soon gaining a reputation for the finest designs in the industry.

Today, Good Directions has expanded its line to include a wide range of decorative yet functional products for home and garden, including popular FireDomes™, rain chains and garden weathervanes. The company continues to attract innovative artists and designers eager to lend their vision to the creation of exceptional products to enhance the home, both indoors and out. No matter which way the wind blows, you can count on Good Directions to show you the way to a beautiful home.

You can view their full product line here: “Good Directions

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