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Clean your gutters Stouffville

Ice Damming in Stouffvile

This is another story about how not cleaning your eavestroughs can lead to more serious and costly problems for homeowners. We were called to this home in Stouffville when the gutters detached themselves from the roof and took part of the fascia board with them. What a mess! This home had 5″ gutters with an

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Old roof, short shingles, big problems in Unionville

We often get calls from customers wanting us to come and have a look at their gutters because water is coming in behind their fascia board and the eavestroughing. And this was such a call in Unionville recently. They had old 4″ gutters and wanted them changed for the newer 5″ trough thinking that would

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Eavestroughs needing repair in Port Perry

Helping Out the Customer in Port Perry

I was called to this home in Port Perry back in 2012. At the time I explained to the homeowner that they needed to replace their eavestroughs as they were poorly graded and the downspouts were in the wrong locations. I made this recommendation even though the eaves were only 15 years old, and you

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Types of eavestroughs and rain gutters – Home in Whitby

This is an informative post on the types of eavestroughs and rain gutters out there. There are many rain gutter styles, types or profiles and shapes available. And they all have their origins from the late 1800’s when gutters were made of wood. These were cut or carved into a variety of shapes from simple

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