Gutter and Eavestroughing Installations in Port Perry

This Port Perry home had several problems with it.

First off, the gutters only had 4 inch trough on it. Second, and the biggest problem was at the rear of their home where there is a valley on each corner which drains a lot of water into the gutters. It was constantly overflowing.

So this is what we did:

  • In the front, we removed the old gutters and replaced them with new 5 inch aluminum eavestroughs connected to 3” x 3” downpipes.
  • In the rear, we removed the old gutters and replaced them with 6 inch gutters, connected to 3” x 3” downpipes and added a splash guard.
Gutters Eavestroughs Installation Port Perry
Generally I do not like to use 6 inch eavestroughing on any home unless it’s critical. And in this situation it had to be done. The biggest you’ll ever need on a home is a 5 inch eavestrough.
To see more about this topic, you can view our videos: “What do you recommend 5” or 6” gutters?” and “What size of downpipe do you recommend?” on our FAQs page.
We also added some nice new vinyl shutters to the front of their home. At True North Eavestroughing, quality is always our priority!