Zip Hinge

Zip Hinge is a new product that has just appeared on the Canadian market, and True North Eavestroughing is proud to have it as part of the line-up. It is a great solution to the mandatory downspout disconnection program now being enforced by a number of municipalities in Canada, including Metro Toronto.

Made of durable aluminum, Zip Hinge is a tough, reliable downpipe extension hinge.

It serves two main purposes:

  1. Zip Hinge ensures that the downpipe extension remains tightly attached to the downpipe to protect your foundation
  2. Zip Hinge provides a convenient way of moving the downpipe extension out of the way when you need to for mowing or landscaping your lawn.

The Zip Hinge is also becoming a great solution in a number of cities where there is a mandatory downspout disconnection program in place.

Here is a How-To video showing you the Zip Hinge in action for the downspout disconnection program in the GTA.

You can read more about Zip Hinge here. logo