New Eavestroughs, Soffit and Fascia Installation for older couple in Etobicoke

This was an interesting job for an older couple in Etobicoke.

As we were installing new soffit and fascia for them – they were getting my favourite colour, Sandalwood – they asked if we could do something with the old style porch light that was on the top part of the porch. They didn’t want it there anymore. No problem! Thanks to the multi-talented crew at True North, we removed the porch light and finished the soffit installation as required.

After installing the new soffit and fascia we then installed new eavestroughs and downpipes all around their home.

They were so happy! The old porch looked like a new porch and the soffit and fascia increased their homes’ curb appeal. It really looked good!

At True North Eavestroughing, quality is always our priority.

Soffit Fascia Installation Etobicoke
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New Eavestroughs Installation →