Old roof, short shingles, big problems in Unionville

We often get calls from customers wanting us to come and have a look at their gutters because water is coming in behind their fascia board and the eavestroughing. And this was such a call in Unionville recently. They had old 4″ gutters and wanted them changed for the newer 5″ trough thinking that would solve their problems.

But before starting the job, I explained to the homeowner that they should replace their roof first, since it was in a really poor condition with short shingle along the edge without any drip edge. You can see what I mean in the photo below.

Short-shingles not overlapping gutters
The short shingles along the edge which don’t let the water totally flow into the eavestroughing properly. The water will have a tendency to flow under the tiles and behind the fascia.

The customer was quite pleased with the new eavestroughing, but the leaking was still an issue. I explained to them again, that the roofing shingles were too short along the edge, had no drip edge installed and they had started to curl which was causing the problem.

They had a similar issue in another part of their roof, the valley. This is the area where two sections of a roof meet. We normally like to see “steel valleys” in these areas as it prevents unnecessary wear and tear on your roofing tiles, but on this roof they only used roofing tiles. Have a look at this photo

You can see the wear and tear on the roofing tiles without the steel valleys between both sections of the roof.
This is the new eavestroughing we installed on this home in Unionville.

So the point of this post is this: if you are going to have new eavestroughing installed, like these folks in Unionville, get your roof fixed, repaired or installed before getting your gutters done. It will save you time, money and a whole lot of grief down the road.

Thanks for reading!
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