Please leave it to the professional eavestroughing installers!

Had a couple of interesting visits last week to homes in Unionville and Markham.

I got a call from a homeowner in Unionville  asking me to come and look at his eavestroughing. I told him that we didn’t do any repairs. But he kept insisting that something wasn’t right, and could we stop by if we were in the area. So, being the nice guy that I am, I told him I would drive by later in the week, and this is what I found.

How not to install a downpipe!

As you can see in the photo above, the so-called “eavestroughing man” put together a bunch of small, square downpipe elbows together instead of the proper overhang. Apparently, he had someone clean his eavestroughs and put this overhang together and fix his downpipe. “He called himself an eavestrougher!” I exclaimed. I told him to call the company that did the work, and explain to them what was wrong with their installation. Last I heard they came back and fixed it somewhat. How embarassing! And to make things even worse, you would not believe what this company charged for the  work they did.

Another quality installation by so-called “eavestroughers!”

This other home in Markham as a flat roof. You are supposed to have it scupper. A scupper drains the water off a flat roof into a downpipe that goes down the length of the wall. So what did they do? They jury-rigged some eavestroughing and a couple of elbows together, without going into a downpipe, and now this gentleman has problems with water flowing down the wall onto his porch. Does this look like a good installation to you? These people call themselves eavestroughers? This is why you do not have a plumber do eavestroughing!

As I said before, we only do eavestroughing.
We do not do roofing.
We do not do insulation.
We do not do lighting.
We do not build decks.
We only concentrate on one thing and that’s eavestroughing!

Moral of the story: always call the professionals that do the work you need done. You do not call a plumber to build a deck. If you are going to have your roof done call a roofer! And if you want eavestroughing installed by industry professionals, call True North!

At True North, Quality is our priority!