Types of eavestroughs and rain gutters – Home in Whitby

This is an informative post on the types of eavestroughs and rain gutters out there.

There are many rain gutter styles, types or profiles and shapes available. And they all have their origins from the late 1800’s when gutters were made of wood. These were cut or carved into a variety of shapes from simple boxy styles to those having ornamental carved facades. With the introduction of metal roll forming machines in the early 1900’s, metal eavestroughing started to dominate the marketplace. These early gutter forming machines were large, heavy and expensive so most metal eavestroughing systems were made in factories until about the 1970’s when lightweight portable metal rolling machine started to become more popular.

At True North, we produce seamless eavestroughing on the spot, thanks to our metal rolling machine.

They could be carted around on trailers to the actual work site and produce seamless eavestroughing on the spot. A portable gutter mahcine is typically set-up to produce only one style of gutter and in usually only one  or two sizes. Today we use 5 inch “K” and 6 inch “K” style of eavestroughing, and aluminum is the universal material of choice.

The eavestrough below is called style F.

A subdivision is Whitby was finished with this style “F” of eavestroughs.

This product was attached with a spike and ferrules… not very efficient. This home in Whitby had this type, and also found out the whole sub-division had the same eavestrough systems – and they are all having the same problem.

After a few years, it becomes detached from the facia board and does not function very well because of the profile style. They no longer use this system because of all the problems they were having. And there are tons of these gutter systems out there!

You can see in this picture where they cheated on the fascia board and only went halfway up with the aluminum fascia. Can you imagine over 300 homes done this way! What were they thinking? Or should I say, they were not thinking!

Partial aluminum fascia showing on this home. This is a classic example of a contractor cutting corners to save a few pennies!


As you can see, it is quite different from the 5 inch gutter that we attach with screw brackets or a t-rex system.

True North only uses screw brackets to attach the eavestroughs to the home.


Eavestroughs with Alu-Rex leaf guard system installed in Whitby


Here is the profile of the 5 inch “K”.


At True North Eavestroughing, Quality is our Priority!