Downpipes going underground and creating problems in Markham

This 15 year old home in Markham had 4″ eavestroughing throughout with 2″ x 3″ downpipes. The problem was that the eaves were backing up and water would overflow every time they had a good rain. Something wasn’t right, and had a closer look.

In most cases you’ll find that the downpipes are full of debris, but in this case, it was a little more than that. Their downpipe was running underground and when you do this, you are asking for problems. And if you don’t take care of it properly, this is what happens.

Downpipe exit covered in grass
Area where downpipe was coming out, but was covered by grass.

As you can see from this photo, this is where the downpipe connected to an underground PVC pipe should have come out, but over the years it had been grassed over and stopping the water from flowing through.




This is what the underground downpipe should have looked like.



So after a bit of digging, we got rid of the grass, branches and debris, and allowed the water to flow without obstruction from the downpipe.




We cut off this plumbing pipe and ran the downpipe directly into the PVC pipe going underground.


On the wall, they had some kind of toilet plumbing pipe which really didn’t look good at all, so we cut it off, and ran the new 3″ x 3″ downpipe into the PVC plastic pipe going underneath the walkway.




Ready to run the downpipe into this PVC pipe.







Looks a lot cleaner now, don’t you think?

I let the homeowner know that we still don’t like to see pipe going underground as it increases the possibility of creating problems such as debris like this, and freezing in the winter. But it’s now 100% better that it was, and the homeowner was extremely pleased that we fixed his water overflow problems.

At True North, quality is our priority!

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