One Hundred Feet of Seamless Eavestroughing in Thornhill

We recently installed new eavestroughs and downpipes to this beautiful, large home in Thornhill.

We recently installed new eavestroughs and downpipes to this large, beautiful home in Thornhill.

The existing 5″ gutters were attached with spikes and the downpipes were 2″ x 3″, which is quite small for a house of this size. And the eaves had seems running through it, which made them look unsightly and took away from the aesthetics of the house. And if that wasn’t enough they weren’t graded properly which made them constantly leak whenever they were hit by a rain storm. Not a very good installation I must say!

As it’s becoming quite a common occurence, True North Eavestroughing was called in to make things right!

This installation took a little more planning than ususal, as we had limited access to the backyard, and as you can see in the photo below, the roofline was “unwalkable.” (That’s an industry term that means the roof is too steep.) But my guys were up for the challenge!

This was a challenging eavestrouging installation, but the team at True North Eavestroughing was up for the challenge!

We replaced all of the existing gutters with seamless 5 inch aluminum eavestroughing, finished off with our best leafguard:  the Alu-Rex m5200. This made them a lot stronger. Small home or big home it’s important that you make the effort to have seamless eavestroughing installed.

These people found out the hard way. But they extremely happy with their new gutters!

At True North, Quality is our priority!

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