Sunroom in Scugog with Zip Hinge installed on downpipe extension

We recently added a full eavestroughing system on a beautiful sunroom in Scugog Township, just north of Port Perry. As you can see from this first photo, the sunroom looks great. But can you notice something different with the downpipe extensions?

Sunroom with new eavestroughing, downpipes and zip hinge
Beautiful sunroom with new eavestroughing and downpipes. Notice that the downpipe extensions have a zip hinge installed and are flipped-up and out of the way. Zip Up, Flip Up! Looks great, doesn’t it?

That’s right. The downpipes have a “Zip Hinge” installed which allows them to be flipped-up when not in use. It keeps them out of the way, and prevents people from tripping over them when they are in such an environment. A Zip Hinge is also great in a lawn area, where you need to mow your grass or landscape. It’s easy to move, and gives you access when needed.

Downpipe extension with Zip Hinge
Downpipe extension with Zip Hinge installed, in upright position.


Downpipe extension with Zip HInge
Downpipe extension with Zip HInge installed, in full extension.

True North Eavestroughing is a proud partner of the Zip Hinge, and is an industry leader when it comes to product innovation. You can get more information about the Zip Hinge here.

As alway, Quality is our Priority!