water saver rain barrel

“The Rain Barrel Water Saver”

There are many types of rain barrels out on the market, but we have found one that meets our standards, and are proud to sell it to our customers.  “The Rain Barrel Water Saver” meets all our qualifications. It’s made from recycled plastic and is a realistic durable reproduction of a rain barrel of days gone by. This high tech functional rain barrel will save you thousands of litres of water each year, by capturing rain water right from your roof.

water saver rain barrel
The Rain Barrel Water Saver – is an attractive and practical addition to every garden.


Justs place the Rain Barrel Water Saver under the eavestrough down spout and let nature do the rest. Available in four attractive colours: brown, grey, green and black.

It features:

  • realistic wooden barrel design
  • constructed of durable, recycled plastic
  • holds approximately 315 litre capacity
  • control valve with 4 foot hose
  • child safety top
  • removable mosquito screen
  • built-in overflow

What is a rain barrel?

A container to catch rainwater flowing from your downpipe.

Why use a rain barrel?

The water is free which saves you money on your monthly water bill, and rainwater is non-chlorate. Made by mother nature!

What is a rain barrel diverter?

A rain barrel diverter allows you to direct the flow of rain water down into the rain barrel just by sliding to handle you can go from summer to winter and run the unwanted rainwater in the winter onto the lawn.

Maintaining your rain barrel

  • regularly clean top lid of debris
  • wintertime maintenance: remove rain barrel and store in dry place, turned upside down so it will not freeze.

Tip for rain barrels

  • adding a tablespoon of olive oil to the water in your rain barrel every 10 days will prevent the mosquitoes from breeding in your rain barrel

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