RENOMARK – The Mark of Excellence

Who is RenoMark you ask?

True North Eavestroughing is a member of RenoMarkRenoMark is the home of the Professional Renovator. It’s an association that give you a solid foundation to grow your business. RenoMark  will give you exposure to new customers, particularly the ones that do their research before choosing to work with a specific trades person in their renovation needs.

They will choose you because of your quality, ethics and morals.

These are the reasons why RenoMark helps my business. Customers are looking for quality workmanship. Sometimes this can be a burden, but, nine times out of ten you are going to get these customers.

With over 30 years in this business, you learn that you have to choose your customer just as much as a customer has the same right to choose you to do the work. Your reputation is on your customer’s shoulders. And keep in mind that as much as you are selling your product, you are also selling yourself. It is the same for the customer.

Most customers will realize that when your business is associated with RenoMark, it’s the mark of excellence. Being a member of this association will help them sort out the good from the bad even though it is not directed towards your particular business. It will always help you out knowing that you have contacts in the industry that have a solid foundation. It has definitely helped my business, therefore no matter what your business is, I am sure it will help you out as well.

RenoMark is just another step in the right direction to creating positive community awareness for the Renovation Industry.

John Whyte sat previously on the executive board for RenoMark in Durham Region. You can read more about it here.

Steve Snyder, President of Durham Region Home Builders Association, Jim Caruk, Editor-In-Chief of Renovation Contractor magazine and John Whyte, Previous Director of Durham RenoMark, were together recently and were discussing ways to work together to increase brand awareness for RenoMark in the Durham Region. Stay tuned.