Dowsnspout Disconnection PMT Home Services

Downspout Disconnection Issues? – PMT Home Services is our preferred supplier

Lately we’ve been getting a lot of calls for servicing downspout disconnections. This is a service we do for our clients when doing a major eavestrough, gutter or soffit and fascia installation. However, this is not a service that we do exclusively. While we appreciate the business, we cannot provide such a service to home owners. For a complete downspout disconnection PMT Home Services does this work and is one of our approved suppliers.

Why Downspout Disconnection is important?

Connected downspouts cause direct inflow to sanitary sewer systems during rain storms. Our sanitary sewer is not designed to carry the additional water from heavy rainfalls. Disconnecting downspouts is one step to ensure that rainwater from rooftops does not get into the sanitary sewer, causing backups and basement flooding.

One solution is to install a rain barrel. It collects and stores rainwater from downspouts and rooftops for watering lawns and gardens. Rain barrels can be constructed in a number of ways, but they all serve the same purpose — to collect rainwater and decrease the amount of storm water runoff that leaves your property.

If you would like to get your downspout disconnection work done to comply with regulations of your municipality, such as Toronto and Markham, we suggest you get in touch with one of our preferred suppliers, PMT Home Services. Philip has been doing work for us for a number of years now, and does a great job. He also has great reviews on HomeStars. Tell him John from True North sent you!

PMT Home Services is also an approved Zip Hinge installer.

If you can do the work yourself, we suggest reading about Zip Hinge here.