9 Things You Need to Know before Hiring an Eavestrough Company

#1 - Is the company you are considering fully insured and in good standing with WSIB?

Make sure that the company you decide to hire is fully insured with an adequate amount of liability and property damage insurance and is also registered with WSIB (Workers Safety u0026amp; Insurance Board). Installing eavestrough systems and related products does carry an element of risk so make sure that you are protected. Making sure that the company you choose for eavestrough services is fully and properly insured, is one step to making sure that you will be involved with a legal and professional company.

True North Eavestroughing is covered with WSIB

#2 - Does the company specialize in eavestrough systems?

Look for a company that specializes in the eavestrough industry to ensure that you will get the quality of work that you deserve. Often a company that focuses on just one area of the home improvement industry will be able to provide a more specialized service. It only makes sense that a company who specializes in eavestrough systems will be able to give a superior job due to specialized equipment and training. Be wary of companies offering a variety of services when choosing your eavestrough service company.

#3 - Does the company sub-contract out their work to other companies?

A major downfall of many companies who intend well but fall short on delivery is sub-contracting. This is when a company hires another company independent of themselves to do some of their work. The vision and values of the company you choose to hire, often does not transpire to the sub-contractor. The company you choose to hire often does not ensure that sub-contractors they hire is following the same installation standards as they would. This results in the home owner /property owner not getting the quality and service that they deserve. Sub-contractors are usually required to arrive at the job in unmarked vehicles or slap on a temporary magnetic sign to their vehicles. Watch out for unmarked vehicles arriving to your property to complete your eavestroughing services!

Commercial Gutter Downpipe Installation

#4 - Does the company that you are considering have a strong workmanship warranty?

Be sure that the company you choose offers a strong workmanship warranty. Many companies advertise that they have a warranty, but be sure that it is a workmanship warranty and not just a manufacturer’s warranty. A lot of companies also may have a workmanship warranty but it may be a very weak one. Choose a company that is so confident in the skills of their professional eavestrough installers to give a quality job that is problem free for years to come, that they back their work with this strong workmanship warranty.

New Eavestrough Gutter Installation Richmond Hill

#5 - How long has the company been in business?

It is important to make sure that the company you choose for your eavestroughing services has been in business long enough to prove themselves and actually be able to HONESTLY make their claims. Find out how long the eavestroughing company you are considering has been in business to help ensure they have a basis for these claims and that they have experience in the eavestroughing industry. You should look for an eavestroughing company with at least a 5-year history.

#6 - Does the eavestroughing company have a long record of successful operations and happy clients?

Your eavestroughing company should be able to provide you with a list of references upon your request. These references should not only is names and telephone numbers, but they should also be able to show you some of their previous work. If they can’t provide you with this…you don’t want to work with them.

#7 - Do they use and provide you with a professional estimate and work accepted forms as well as invoices?

The company you choose should definitely provide you with these important documents. On each of these documents you should ensure that all company information not hand written, it should be professionally printed onto the forms. A professional and legal company will have these for you.

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#8 - Is the company using quality eavestrough materials?

Be sure that the company you hire is using quality eavestroughing materials. Some companies which value saving a few dollars over providing a high quality job, will resort to using thin gauge eavestrough and downspouts. Go ahead and ask what gauge of material the contractor is going to use so they know you are aware of these cost cutting methods by inferior companies. These thin gauge materials are on the market to supply the very competitive new housing market where quality work is not as important as getting the work done fast and as cheaply as possible.

#9 - Does the company you are considering have Health and Safety as a primary concern?

Installing eavestrough to your home or property has an element of risk as it often involves heights and working around power lines. Don’t be afraid to ask the company what health and safety practices they will be using while on your property to aid in injury prevention.

If you are looking for an eavestrough company, watching this video may save you time, energy and money!

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